Canterbury & District Neighbourhood Watch Association

Why be a member?


We sadly cannot guarantee that being a member of an NHW scheme will mean that you will never become a victim of any sort of crime, but East Kent Police do have statistics to show that scheme householders can be up to 9 times less likely to become such victims. Whilst most of the Canterbury area is already a very safe place in which to live, we can all still be even wiser about such things as household, car and personal security, rogue traders and “bogus callers” on the doorstep and, increasingly, telephone and internet scams. With our good partners in Kent Police and Kent Trading Standards, we can keep all of our members up-to-date with the latest information and guidance. In recognition of this, many insurance companies will offer up to 10% discount on home contents insurance for those policyholders in an active NHW scheme.

Being in an active scheme will also send a very clear message to would-be criminals that yours is a ‘crime-wise’ area and home that should be avoided - through the clear display of street signs on lamp posts and also window / door stickers for every member household. These stickers should also deter unwanted “cold callers”, some of whom are known to cause real problems especially for any more vulnerable residents.

Experience shows that NHW works on many different levels. Primarily we aim to assist the Police through the implementation by members of crime prevention warnings and advice, and then the passing back of any information which may in turn help to solve crimes which might be taking place. Perhaps most importantly, it also encourages local communication. Community awareness and a sense of belonging increase when neighbours talk more to each other. As a result, issues that might otherwise be ignored - such as anti-social behaviour and vandalism - start to receive more attention, so the whole community benefits as empowerment and intolerance to crime develops. You will also be gaining the ‘strength’ and voice of the whole Canterbury District NHW Association and, in turn, that of the Kent and National Associations.

The costs involved in being a member are minimal but the benefits are substantial. If you would like to find out more either about becoming the member of an existing scheme or perhaps even starting up a new scheme with neighbours, please use the contact details on this page either to e-mail us or give us a call - without any obligation. We will always be very pleased to hear from you and offer assistance.

About Us


The Canterbury & District Neighbourhood Watch Association (C&DNHWA) was formed in 1995 in order to support and co-ordinate the activities of NHW schemes, and to liaise with the Police and other agencies on their behalf across the Canterbury City Council area. Our schemes range in size from a few homes up to several hundreds, and now altogether cover over 15,000 households across the area - around 25% of the total. This number is still growing as the benefits of scheme membership become better understood (see above).

We continue to work very closely with the local Police but now also much more so with a wide range of other partners under the ‘umbrella’ of the Canterbury Community Safety Partnership (CCSP) - particularly the City Council’s Community Safety Unit (CSU), Kent Trading Standards, and Kent Fire & Rescue Service. We are the only voluntary “third sector” organisation represented at all levels within the CCSP structure, and feel privileged to be there providing influence and a respected voice on issues concerning community life and safety. Most recently we have been welcomed into special focus groups considering issues relating to the “night time economy” (effectively ‘pubs and clubs’) and also the City’s student population.

We aim to offer a wide range of support for our co-ordinators and, in turn, all our members - including those in the more individualised “Country Eye” rural sector. We produce a quarterly “Watching Brief” newsletter - the current and back issues are available on this website - and hold a major conference with our AGM in March each year.

We strive to provide an open, caring organisation which welcomes suggestions, feedback and comment from members. We are possibly the only local NHW Association to have conducted a recent comprehensive membership survey, the outcomes of which have influenced the Committee’s development plan and already led to improved two-way communication through increased use of the Police’s KCMS interactive internet messaging system.